Mannequins Now Growing Pubic Hair?

After reading this article that talks about American Apparel’s new mannequins with visible pubic hair, the idea of natural beauty has become clearer. To begin, natural beauty does include hair on the body. Dating back to when artists sculpted the female body they eliminated all pubic hair.  It seems as though these artists, predominantly male, not only sculpted female bodies in celebration of their beauty but also wanted to create this imagined perfect female form, which of course does not exist naturally.  Apparently, a perfect female body has no hair, which is ridiculous because if natural beauty is being celebrated than everything should be included.

That being said, these sculptures may have had a bigger impact on society today than imaginable.  A beautiful body for woman is still regarded as hairless, requiring woman and young girls to shave their armpits, pubic bone, legs, and even arms.  This article raises the awareness around this idea that woman are suppose to look the way men want them to look and that women have become so accustomed to these ways of life, booking wax appointments and such, that they do not think about whether or not, after all the time and money, it is even worth it.  Are they happier?  Do they feel prettier?  The answers to these questions come directly from the male’s response.  Basically what comes out of this male dominance, is that woman feel prettier and happier and men are attracted to them and given them attention.  Woman, in order to feel truly beautiful, must stop looking for external acceptance and look within.

So why are people so shocked by these images? The reason being is that the public has never seen them before.  Pubic hair is completely natural.  The only issue, however, that comes up is that this is a very private part of the human body.  It is personal and not meant to be shown to the public.  It is understandable that the message being made is about free will and body modification, but are there other ways to demonstrate the same message that are less invasive?  Is such a shocking image the only way to see effective change in the way people perceive their bodies? It would interesting to go further into other possible campaigns that would highlight the issue of what society considers as natural beauty and body modifications that individuals choose to make.  However, would they be as effective?

Regardless of whether or not famous sculptors depicted female bodies without hair intentionally to stir up such controversy around natural beauty, it is clear that men have a history of envisioning a woman with a man’s idea of the perfect body.  The controversy that arises from this is that it has become natural for man and woman to want to appeal to the other sex, which of course is an extremely natural thing and there is nothing wrong with it.  The problem with this relationship, however, is that what women do to make men attracted to them is completely unfair.  Women undergo unnatural alterations of making themselves “attractive”, to fit this man-made image of sexy, by highlighting their hair, getting eyelash extensions, and getting breast implants, only to name a few of the transformations.  Moving forward, it is important that woman start creating their own definitions of sexy and beautiful so that the alterations, if any, that they choose to undergo (because it is their body and therefore their choice) are to be made for their happiness and not for men.

That being said, how do women create their own definitions?  The introduction of American Apparel mannequins with pubic hair is an excellent way.  The image is shocking and so is the idea of it all, however, the shock factor is necessary to see rapid change.  It is less about the mannequins and more about the awareness they bring to the idea of natural beauty and female agency.  Gaining awareness around an issue can be tricky but shocking people and stirring up conversation among individuals and the media is an effective tactic.  These hairy mannequins highlight the idea of individual choice and free will to do whatever one pleases with their own body. American Apparel celebrates this change in opportunity for woman to feel beautiful in their true natural form, not the “natural form” falsely created selfishly by men.



  1. I love the point you made about artists leaving out the imperfections of the female body, in this case pubic hair, to capture what they view as true beauty. It’s very sad that women are expected to be hairless in order to be viewed as beautiful or sexy, as this is not natural at all. Society links body hair to masculinity, which therefore makes women feel that they must wax or shave all of their body hair in order to achieve feminine beauty. You’re completely right about women needing to stop looking towards men for acceptance but rather look within ourselves in order to feel beautiful. Imagine if they had used mannequins that weren’t the typical picture of beauty, such as women who did not have rail thin bodies and were not white. Just imagine the crazy reaction that society would have had!

  2. I agree completely with your point and the one made by queensgirl23 above. It is hurtful as a woman to realize that everything that society tells us is right is dictated by what men believe it right. with all the progress we as women have made in the past it is hard to imagine the grip men still have over us and how we accept ourselves. What is very confusing to me is the evolution of acceptance of hair on women over the years, if you look back to the 80’s and 90’s pubic hair was more accepted and wanted and you would think that with the evolution or women’s becoming stronger not only would nothing change but women would be less concerned with what men thought. but the opposite happened women became more attached to what men thought and shaved it all off.

    Also to the point with the mannequins I don’t know if you ladies have seen the article on the clothing store that used un-common mannequins I will post it for you to see it is very emotional and beautiful.

  3. Love this posting. I studied in an art studio for more than 3 years, and gained knowledge on the characteristics of each artists. That being said, many famous surrealist artists and also artists who frequently paints nude painted pubic hair. (for example, Rene Magritte). It is true that many other artists have minimized the visual representation of pubic hair or any hair on women’s body. I think this is because hairy people were always a representation of manly and masculine identities, like lions. In older paintings showing pubic hair in public was considered to be inelegant. However, our time has changed and I believe American Apparel’s new mannequin is a perfect visual representation to show everyone the true beauty of women’s body.

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