Wussification of Men in Today’s Society

When we try to get rid of stereotypes of certain gender, it is always brought up again to people’s attention. Nick Adams the author of American Boomerang was invited as a guest to talk about wussification of men. Nick Adams pointed out that it is difficult to be a real men in today’s society. However, what does it truly mean to be a ‘real men’? His statements and talks are way too generalized, because in some situations, men still have more dominance than women. I believe that feminism’s true goal is to neutralize the power between men and women to have equal power and privileges in any circumstances. Since Nick Adam seems to be talking behalf of all men, I want to ask, do you think men in today’s society is being ‘wussified’? The word itself is so offensive to all men, and saying that wussy men are a threat to today’s national security, he has made a big mistake.

Is it difficult to be a true men in today’s society?  And what does it mean to be a real men? North American societies have the standard of what real men should be like, American societies require men to be the masculine, strong, independent, and powerful and many other positive characteristics. Nick Adams generalizes his points on how all men are suffering from the over power of feminism today. He also points out that due to women’s power it is uncomfortable for men to make his own decisions. However, are these statements all true? I do not think so, because even today, we can easily see more male successors than female successors, we mostly have a male dominant workforce and government and laws are also dominated mostly by men. How can we possibly say that women are now possessing more power than men? Or, how can we say that all men are being ‘wussified’. A true men should be able to make wise decisions on their own and know how to take their own responsibility. However, Nick not being the ‘real man’ himself, he says that this is the result of feminism.

Again, feminist’s true goal is to equalize and neutralize the power between all genders, especially between men and women. If feminists are trying to gain more power than men, then he is right on the fact that feminists are on the wrong track, but, this is not true. Some sociologist say that feminist mothers are trying to abolish patriarchy and establish matriarchy, thus, feminism is a problem. However, I strongly disagree because in today’s highly competitive society, it is hard for every men to succeed. What is the very first reason that patriarchy was established? Patriarchy was established naturally as men had the power and ability to feed and support their family. But today, we can see a lot of families exchanging responsibility roles to organize the family and so forth, it is purely up to the one who has the ability to feed and run their family. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to have a family leader who is not a father.

Clayton Morris raised a question that brought myself into a big confusion: “how can we raise our children as boys and girls without fitting them into these stereotypes?” What a great question, but sadly, this is self-contradicting since Nick Adams is trying to strengthen and solidify stereotypes of how men should behave and look like. That being said, would people like Nick Adams be happier if all women were always under men’s power and control? At the same time, Nick Adams is also solidifying how women should behave and perform their tasks. The history has changed and we are living in a new generation where both men and women possess equal chance to succeed in society. Thus, it unnecessary for Nick Adams to talk about how each gender should perform their given gender roles.

In conclusion, he says that wussy men are a threat to national security since they cannot win, and America is all about winning, and so, it is pivotal for the health of the national security. However, I want to lastly say that we cannot always live in a society that is male dominant. All genders should have the equal rights to succeed and raise a family without any problems that he has raised. This seems like a problem just for himself since men are not wussy, and even if some people are a little bit feminine, Nick Adams does not have the right to criticize or judge their identities. I want to say that people who are unable to accept changes are the threat to national security rather than wussy men, because they are not flexible of their fixed mindsets of male dominance and gender stereotypes.




  1. I think you’re right in thinking that men have more power and dominance than women, but it’s not just in certain situations. I believe that this is evident in the workplace, government, familial roles, and so many other situations. I believe that Nick’s reference to the “wussification” of men is simply referring to men taking on traditionally feminine characteristics and by deeming this as a bad thing therefore becomes an issue of sexism not only towards men, but also towards women.
    The issue of how we can raise our children to be either boys or girls without forcing stereotypes upon them is one that I don’t believe should even exist. I believe that raising children in a gender neutral way, such as dressing them in gender neutral clothing until they are old enough to decide what they would personally like to wear, is an ideal way to raise a child that is free from all stereotypes. We don’t need to force gender upon our children. Gender is a socially constructed thing, and just because we are a part of that society does not mean that we must conform to societal practices and beliefs.
    I love what you said about men like Nick Adams being the threat to society. It’s closed-mindedness like this that is setting us backwards in terms of the progress of feminism and gender equality.

    • Thanks for your reply and thank you for your clarification on Nick’s word on wussification. 🙂 I truly agree with you on your point of raising our children in a gender neutral way. It is perfectly normal to raise our children in a gender neutral way, but our society keeps on categorizing every single items that we could possibly buy into two basic categories: for boys and for girls. I believe this also is a societal problem and is a factor that is setting us backwards in terms of progress of gender equality. Society has to realize that gender equality today includes more than two genders. And YES! enforcing gender is truly unnecessary for our children.

  2. I totally agree with the point you made about the family dynamic and how fathers do not necessarily lead a family. Characteristics that are associated with the maternal figure include love, care, and attention. Paternal figures are commonly associated with being the financial supporter, but today, the point you have already raised, is that these mother/father roles and duties are becoming more closely overlapped and shared. Some families don’t even have a mother or father figure in the household and the single parent takes on both roles. My parents are divorced and my mom has successfully taken on both roles as the financial supporter and coddling-figure. Whether the roles are split between two parents or not, both set of characteristics are important in a a healthy home. Do you think that a man and a woman having a different set of characteristics means that one has power of the other? Why do we assume the a motherly figure is weak? The powers male and females hold may very well be different in different scenarios, just like power holdings can also differ between the same sex. But does this mean one set of powers is stronger than the other?

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